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Afa'a Nweh
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Afa'a Nweh SARL
Where Quality, Integrity and Innovation Meet
Our Works
Our Works

A Showcase of Excellence in Construction and Engineering. We build projects that achieve better performance for your business or personal use.

What we do
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About Our Company

The Best Choice for Your Successful Construction.

We are a Cameroonian company recognised by the government, via RC/YAO/2023/B/791 issued in April 2023.
Our vision is to contribute meaningfully to the growth of the public works sector by providing top-notch products and services. We are driven by a passion for creating a sustainable future through our construction endeavors.





Our mission is to positively impact the construction industry in Cameroon and beyond. We strive to set new standards of excellence and to inspire innovation in every aspect of our work.

Quality Construction Services

Our Best Services

We’re dedicated to shaping a brighter future through our diverse range of services. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration, we proudly offer you the best.

At Afa'a Nweh SARL, we are innovators in construction. We collaborate closely with clients and partners to deliver exceptional buildings on time and within budget.
Property Maintenance
Our team of skilled professionals are experienced and equipped to help with property repairs so you can continue to live independently and safely in your own property.
Residential Development
We specialise in turning visions into thriving communities. Afa'a Nweh SARL offers comprehensive residential development solutions, ensuring sustainable neighborhoods.
Fit-Out and Refurbishment
Afa'a Nweh is a national provider of high-quality fit-out and refurbishment solutions. We are a trusted partner for our customers
Road Construction & Maintenance
Afa'a Nweh SARL is your partner for transforming landscapes. Our expertise ensures excellence in road construction and maintenance, enhancing mobility and safety.
Engineering Services
At Afa'a Nweh SARL, excellence and innovation are in our DNA. As one of Cameroon's leading M&E partners, we create thriving environments for our clients.
Why Choose Us

Unwavering commitment to your projects

Our purpose is to improve people’s lives through building the facilities and infrastructure that communities need

Our values





Value for money