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We believe that structures are for people, and the process of constructing and maintaning them is a dual challenge— human and technical. We possess both.

Our Vision

To contribute meaningfully to the growth of the public works sector by providing top-notch products and services. 

Our Mission

Positively impact the construction industry in Cameroon and beyond. We strive to set new standards of excellence and to inspire innovation in every aspect of our work.


Happy Customers


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Completed Projects


Customer-centric service

Our motto

Our core principles which underpin everything we do and believe in.


Completed Projects


Completed Projects
Client Retention Rate
Our Purpose

We make impact

We have successfully delivered a vast number of projects working as Principal Contractor or as package contractors for reputable Developers and leading Main Contractors.

Collaborative spirit

We thrive on partnerships, collaborating with esteemed firms to deliver impactful, quality projects.

Act Ethically

Ethics and transparency define us, fostering diverse perspectives, open dialogue, and adherence to our Code of Conduct.

Let's Share Experience

We value teamwork, actively seek knowledge sharing, and foster an inclusive culture of trust and respect.

Protecting People & Planet

We prioritize people's safety, refusing unsafe conditions, and championing sustainability for future generations.

Customer-First Mindset

Our customers' success is our success. We prioritise their needs, and work together to create more sustainable solutions.
Main focal points

Managing Team


After working, for almost 5 years, as a Control Engineer with Bambuiy Engineering, I furthered my studies in Environmental Engineering.
I currently work as a Flood Risk and Drainage Engineer and I want to pull these 2 forces together, into Afa’a Nweh SARL, bringing environmental sustainability into the construction engineering sphere.


Managing Partner
As an Officer, retired for over 10 years, I bring precision, vision, team spirit and most especially discipline to a satisfactory accomplishment of the tasks undertaken by Afa’a Nweh Sarl.

We're Experts in Road construction@@Architecture@@Interior design@@Property Maintenance@@Residential development